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Save Woodhead Tunnel

by timpickstone on 4 January, 2008

National Grid plan to run cables through a disused rail tunnel that crosses the Peak District National Park. If they go ahead, the tunnel could no longer be used as a railway, despite there having been several
proposals in the last 10 years to do just that (Central Railways, Arriva, and Translink–all rejected by the Government!) That would be a big mistake.

MPs and local people are trying to persuade the government to intervene, to protect the route so that it could, in future, be re-opened and provide much-needed passenger and rail-freight services connecting the east and west sides of the Pennines.

See recent article in the Guardian

Please act quickly as the National Grid work is scheduled to start in January 2008.

We need MPs across the country to sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 459 calling on the Government to intervene and help safeguard the Woodhead Tunnel for future rail use.

Campaign for Better Transport have set up an easy e-action form on their website. To write/send an e-mail to your MP asking them to sign EDM 459:,en,2581,15223,-1,n,n,n

Plus, there’s a petition online calling for the railway to be reopened:

Visit the Save Woodhead Tunnel website.


2 Responses

  1. More evidence that the privatisation was not really a privatisation but the state extending control over private business by offering it the opportunity to run services.

    Why on earth does the government get a say if private companies wish to reopen a railway line like this? They obviously feel there’s a demand for it and its worth their time and effort.

  2. Phil Greaves says:

    This really must be stopped. To permanently lose such a vital asset to trans-pennine sustainable transport just for a cheap way out for Nat Grid is against the interests of the region, the north and the country as a whole.
    How much will be spent on the new nuclear programme compared with what the extra would be to Nat Grid to use an alternative scheme to the tunnel. And have they explored dual-use (as in Eurotunnel)? Their cables cannot be the diameters of two railway locomotives surely.
    Could you forward this arictle to our MP here? Greg Mullholland. A man of foresight and commonsense I feel sure he will suipport this campaign.

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