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Time to Stop Short Changing our Troops

by timpickstone on 2 September, 2009

Nick Clegg has today launched a new Liberal Democrat pledge to put service personnel and their welfare at the heart of our defence policy.

Nick said: “Many soldiers fighting on the front line are on salaries lower than those of trainee police and fire fighters. 13,000 members of the armed forces take home less than £17,000 each year. Under Labour, our lions are being paid peanuts.

Our servicemen are being sent to fight in treacherous conditions in Afghanistan while living close to the poverty line. It is time to stop short-changing our troops.

That is why if elected, the Liberal Democrats would ensure that no service personnel receive less basic pay than someone starting out in the Police or fire brigade.

If you believe our troops should receive better pay, then help us spread the word. Please make sure all your friends know about our new policy, especially those with family members serving in the Armed Forces.

To back the campaign and help spread the word, see my website:

Nobody can put a price on the sacrifices our troops make on our behalf – but we can start rewarding them properly”

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