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Collop Gate Farm

by timpickstone on 18 September, 2012

Thank you to residents in Bowlee who have made enquires to (Rochdale) council regarding what appeared to be work happening at Collop Gate Farm (off Manchester R0ad).

Here is the outcome from the Rochdale Council Officer:

“I visited Collop Gate Farm this afternoon – the site is secured with high palisade fencing & locked gate but I managed to gain access through a gap in the boundary hedge. No construction work has been carried out but there are a couple of digging machines on site and some ground working / levelling appears to have been carried out at the rear of the partly built dwelling. A blue tarpolin has been attached to the frame of the roof of the barn building. All this appears to have been in connection with the war-time military vehicle rally which took place over the weekend – the field at the rear of the partly built dwelling is churned up and appears to have been used as track to drive the military vehicles around. The barn appears to have been used as a shelter for the event.

Whilst I was on site …. workmen arrived (they had received a phone call that someone was on site). I subsequently spoke to [the owner] on the phone and he confirmed that no works were being carried out and all that had taken place was the military vehicle rally. He asked me about repairing the roof of the barn building and I confirmed previous advice to him and advised him to let his agent submit details to us and obtain written confirmation that the works are acceptable before carrying out the works.”


2 Responses

  1. colin ridgway says:

    Re collop gate farm/P G Cordwell very brave and well done. This racusant individual has spread like a cancer over the borough and we the residents of Croxton aAvenue assissted by various government agencies have had some success in preventing some of his more dubious activities at the Klondike site in Rochdale a during a 3 year battle. You may be aware that an injunction is in place on Collop Gate and several breaches of enforcement orders are in place on other sites owned by Cordwell.May I suggest that you contact RMBC planning, environmental,legal dept. and I may tell you that Pam Smith Jim Taylor and Simon DanjuckMP are all well aware of his activites and persuing ways to stop him finally after nearly 8 years of flouting planning and environmetal issues seemingly unhindered and indeed almost legitimised by RMBC alledgedly.He and his family are living in breach of planning consent at Bradshaw St., Heywod which if recinded would also devoid his waste transfer licence and curtail more of his business activities. Should you require any further info. please do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. Greg Birch says:

    For some time now (July 2017) there has been industrial standard tipping what looks like inert material and the use of stone crushing plant. The materials are spread and levelled raising contours approx 2-3m in the field.
    Is this green belt or an unauthorised tip.
    No response from RMBC when question asked.

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