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Empty Properties and Heys Road

by timpickstone on 20 November, 2012

Next week (26 November 2012) is the start of ‘Empty Homes Week’. This is a week to raise awareness about the problem of empty homes in Britain – the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of empty houses, yet many people cannot afford the homes that they need.

The latest stats provided by the Empty Homes group are that Bury has nearly 3,000 empty houses – roughly half of which have been empty for more than six months. The Government is providing money to local councils (e.g. the £145 million empty homes fund) to start to tackle the problem. In Bury the Council has a ‘Pilot Project’ in Radcliffe to start tackling one of the worst affected areas.

There is more information on Empty Homes Week here, which includes ideas on what we can do in our local area.

131-133 Heys Road
There are no doubt a number of empty properties in our area, but two that have been a serious eyesore and problem for local people for a number of years are the properties at 131 and 133 Heys Road.

I know local residents, and myself as your local councillor have been trying to get the council to take action for many years. It has tried a number of legal routes, but none that have worked so far.

The good news is that the Council is now putting the case together for a demolition order under section 79 of the Building Act. This will cost the Councl money to persue, so it is important that we keep making the case to the Council.

Part of the legal requirements are that the properties have been detrimental to the area. I have already agreed to let the Council have some of the correspondence I’ve received over the years on the issue – but if there are any additional comments that local people would like to make please either email them to me or comment on the website below. The more information the better.

Hopefully I will be able to report on progress on this over the coming weeks.

Please let me know if there are long term empty properties near you that would benefit from action from the Council.


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