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Bonfire Night – Thank you for your comments

by timpickstone on 27 November, 2012

Just to thank everyone who got in touch by email, phone and on the blog about your experiences around the bonfire night organisation in Heaton Park.

A lot of people raised some very serious failings around the measures that were put in place around the part. The most frequently reported issue was around the inadequacy of parking restrictions on many roads around the park – Middleton Road/Baguley Crescent, Carver Avenue and the Meade Hill Road areas in particular.

I know other people were concerned about the way that the Bury Old Road road closure was introduced and how as local residents we are informed about this. Other people reported anti-social behaviour in the Heaton Park metrolink area and also a speedy police response.

I have collected all the comments together and sent these to the Heaton Park event management team and will follow this up as needed. I am really keen that we get the park to get measures in place that work for us as local residents.

I will let you know how I get on.


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  1. Andrea Parker says:

    I believe the £5.00 parking charge on the night added to the problems with parking in the area. I know Heaton Park may have to re coupe some of the monies for the cost of the bonfire display etc but to charge that amount per car is ridiculous , no wonder cars were parked every other place they could find…receiving tickets in the process…some family night out that is 🙁

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