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Operation Frosty – take care with frozen cars

by timpickstone on 4 December, 2012

Greater Manchester Police have issued information (“Operation Frosty”) to raise awareness of car theft while people are de-frosting their car in cold weather.

Please don’t get caught out running to defrost – while you watch television, have a shower, sit inside! If you do this and your car gets stolen, your insurance then becomes invalid.

Cars have been stolen in Prestwich in this way – so please take care.

The Police suggest:
Get up 10 minutes early and scrape your car or put de-icer on to help.
Put an old sheet over the windscreen and tuck it in between the doors.
Sit in your car with doors locked, with the heaters on and wait for your car to defrost.

Don’t get caught out this winter with the ice bandits ready to pounce. Just be sensible.

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