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Sale of the former Prestwich Landfill Site

by timpickstone on 3 January, 2013

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority have announced that they have sold 18 former landfill sites to a private company.

One of these sites is the former landfield site in Drinkwater Park. This area which has been sold is shown on the map below (the map is facing west – with the St Anne’s Road area on the right, and Carr Clough on the left).

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 14.32.27

The land has been sold to Landcare (Manchester) Ltd, who apparently specialise in dealing with ‘difficult’ pieces of land like former landfill sites. We are not aware of any plans to do anything with the site at the present time, but obviously will keep a very close eye on this going forward.

More information on Landcare here.

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