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Heaton Park Parking

by prestwichfocus on 29 January, 2013

A number of residents have been in touch about some terrible parking problems on the streets around Heaton Park on Saturday 26 January 2013. This was the morning after the heavy snowfall when many people wanted to visit Heaton Park in the snow.

The car parks were all closed and this caused very severe disruption on the streets around the Park.

I have written to the Park Manager and asked for them to review their policies around snowy weather conditions to see whether car parks in the park can be gritted and kept open.



3 Responses

  1. Julia Rawson says:

    Have the Council ever considered putting double yellow lines on the side nearest the wall/tram on Upper Wilton Street? There have been many occasions over the years when residents have been unable to drive down Upper Wilton Street because of parking on both sides of the street. Residents should be able to park outside their houses on Upper Wilton Street, but why not put double yellows on the other side? There is, afterall, a car park for people who wish to park near the Bury Old Road entrance to Heaton Park. In addition, has the Council ever considered putting speed bumps along Upper Wilton Street / Wilton Street? A lot of people seem to feel that it’s acceptable to drive extremely fast along both these roads. It seems like it’s a matter of time before someone is hurt, particularly given that a lot of people walk along these roads to the tram and park, including many families with prams and small children.

  2. Justine Briggs says:

    Totally agree, although residents parking would be the way forward. 9 times out of 10 I’m unable to park outside my home even when there are spaces on the car park! I’d gladly pay for a parking permit… The weekend I agree was a nightmare…

  3. Deborah Toorak says:

    I live at St. Margaret’s Lodge and every holiday, sunny days Etc people in cars park all over the pavement outside our house. Quite frequently it is complete grid lock with car fumes coming into our garden. Sunny days are not an enjoyable experience in my garden I usually go out however, why should I? The road is marked with double yellow lines on the other side of the road why can’t it be on ours? Also who is reaping the benefits for the car parking?It was left to the people why should they have to pay?

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