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Have your say on Bury’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy

by prestwichfocus on 5 February, 2013

Bury CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) is the new body which will soon be taking over the ‘commissioning’ of health care for Bury. This body will be replacing the PCT (Primary Care Trust) which are being abolished. All CCGs have to have to work closely with other partners through a Health and Wellbeing Board, which is part of the Council – hopefully to ensure that local people’s views are heard.

Bury’s Health and Wellbeing Board is currently consulting on its Health and Wellbeing Strategy and are asking local people if they have any comments.

You can download the draft strategy here. You can comment online here.

Below is a summary of the key points fo the strategy – any comments that you would like me to feed in please let me know.


Starting Well:
Our focus – Ensuring a positive start to life for children, young people & families.
– Supporting positive and resilient parenting particularly for families in challenging situations, to develop emotional and social skills for children.
– Developing integrated services across education, health and social care which focus on the needs of the child in the community, as well as for growing
numbers of children with the most complex needs.
– Creating positive opportunities for young people to contribute to the local economy and community.

Developing Well:
Our focus – Encouraging healthy lifestyles and behaviours in all actions and activities.
-Increasing the number of adults and children with a healthy weight.
– Reducing the number of people who smoke.
– Reducing physical inactivity.
– Reducing harmful alcohol consumption.
– Promoting sexual health, reducing teenage pregnancy and improving outcomes for teenage parents and their children.
– Increasing the engagement of individuals and communities in taking responsibility for their health and wellbeing. I

Growing Well:
Our focus – Helping to build strong communities, wellbeing and mental health.
– Screening and identification of people with mental health/ well-being needs.
– Developing emotional literacy school-based interventions through PSHE/ other children and young people setting.
– Reducing homelessness and addressing the effect of changes in housing benefit on vulnerable groups.
– Minimising the negative impacts of alcohol, illegal drugs and associated antisocial behaviour, on health and wellbeing.
– Reducing abuse and neglect – particularly domestic abuse.

Living and Working Well:
Our focus – Promoting independence of people living with long term conditions
– Ensuring that people with long term conditions receive appropriate healthy lifestyle support services.
– Improve Self Care.
– Increase support for carers.
– Promote pathway for integrated and continuous care.

Ageing Well:
Our focus – Supporting older people to be safe, independent and well
-Improving your ability to self care and support you to live independently where at all possible.
– Work with you across services to help you maintain the best life possible, reduce unnecessary hospital or care home admissions by falls prevention,
improved mental wellbeing, stroke and cardiac rehabilitation.
– Improve health care services closer to home and co-ordinate these with good social care tailoring both to your needs minimizing the need for long stays away
from you home during times of illness.
– Early diagnosis of dementia, provision of high quality coordinated care and support for those affected and their carers.

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