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Access to Health Services, and the 495 Bus

by prestwichfocus on 12 February, 2013

I am currently working on a couple of issues for local residents. If you have suffered similar issues I would like to hear from you, to try and sort the issue out.

495 Bus – Simister to Prestwich
I have had a number of reports of this service not running well to the timetable. I have had real problems engaging with the operator about this, but would be interested to hear from other bus users who have had the same problem. Hopefully together we can help solve the issue.

Access to Community Health Services when GP is not in Bury
A couple of people have got in touch who are having problems getting community health services in Bury, when their GP is not in Bury. I know this is a particular issue in the Rhodes and Bowlee areas, which border right onto Manchester and Rochdale, but other people may have GPs not in the area for historic reasons. If you have had these problems could you let me know?



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  1. Pete says:

    Since taking over the other service the 96 they have adjusted the timetable to make it inconvenient for commuters coming home from Manchester. My partner now has to get a metrolink to Heaton park and pick up the 495 from there

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