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Reporting Back – Answers to Questions

by prestwichfocus on 12 February, 2013

At meetings of Bury Council each councillor is allowed to ask up to two ‘written questions’. We try to use the opportunity to find out what is going on with different issues at the Council, and in particular how it affects us here in Prestwich.

At the last meeting I asked about the amount of complaints of potholes the council had received:

How many requests for road/pavement repairs (including ‘pot holes’) were received in 2012, how does this compare to 2011 and 2010? (I would be grateful if this information could be provided in writing to members on a Township or Ward basis.)

(Answer) The figures are presented in financial years and include requests received for both carriageway and footway repairs (including potholes).

2012/13 2693 year to date
2011/12 2493
2010/11 2549

The information will be circulated to members on a Township basis are here.

I suppose given that the 2012-13 figures are only for part of a year, this shows a definite increase this year. Certainly my experience is that potholes seem much worse than ever at the moment

My colleague Donal O’Hanlon asked about recycling rates:

Could the Leader inform members by how much the Authority is missing its targets on recycling? How much is this costing the authority in 2011-12 and how does this compare to the earlier business cases for new green and brown bins?

(Answer) The overall contract waste recycling rate* achieved in 2011-12 was 34.5%. In 2012/13, the forecast based on information to end Dec 2012 is that we will have improved our contract recycling rate to 41.4% by the end of the year.

This falls short of the rate assumed when the WDA levy was set for 2012/13 of 43.3% (which was based on a part year achievement of the target 50% recycling rate). This means that there will be extra levy charges this year, estimated at around £350,000. But these costs will be offset by a one-off contribution of £170,000 from funds set aside in the levy reserve.

A comprehensive recycling action plan has been developed & implemented since the summer and this has seen a reduction of £144,000 in the forecast overspend since month 6. (£49,000-350,000).

Further savings of £60,000 are anticipated by the end of the year if the improvements continue, with the help of all residents of the Borough.This would reduce the overall overspend to £120,000. Brown bin tonnages are on target for this year, but green bin tonnages will fall short of target.

Any comments or questions please get in touch.

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