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Parklife comes to Heaton Park

by prestwichfocus on 26 February, 2013

Heaton Park is to play hosts to the ‘Parklife’ music event on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2013.

Parklife is a music ‘Multi Stage Festival’ – live acts and DJ’s, with a daily capacity of 30,000-40,000. The event is largely aimed at a ‘student’ market, and has run successfully in Platt Fields for the last three years. My understanding is that the long term idea is for the event to be in Wythenshawe Park, so this probably won’t be a regular feature in Heaton Park.

More details on the actual event will be available from the Parklife Website here. Acts appearing include Plan B, Example and Rita Ora. Tickets start at about £65.50 for the weekend (£45 for a day ticket).

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– The event takes place in the Papal field – 1 x Main outdoor stage 7 x Tent / Big Tops Sponsor Areas, Bars and Catering Markets / Merchandise
– Up to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday nights – sound curfew at 10.50pm
– People leaving the park will be doing so on the Sheepfoot Lane / Middleton Road side of the Park with clear directions and signage to a bus pick up point on Middleton Road or back into Manchester.

Learning from previous events
I am sure that local residents will be keen that the organisers ‘learn’ from the experience of holding the Stone Roses concerts and other events in the park in recent years. I know that concerns have been raised with the organisers about anti-social behaviour, noise, parking and traffic issues and it is very important that the organisers learn from the experience of local people.

My understanding is that Parklife will be quite a different event from the Stone Roses:
– smaller event in terms of total capacity
– on the whole younger / student audience
– many people travelling to the event by bus from student areas in south Manchester – less people coming by car. Apparently in the past 3 years at Platt Fields has seen a maximum of 100 cars parked per day, however, with the change of venue it is anticipated that this may increase and are planning for 500 cars which will be accommodated on site.

I know there were particular issues that residents in our area experienced with the Stone Roses and also with Bonfire night around parking (both Rhodes and St Margaret’s), noise and traffic/parking issues and I know the organisers will be made aware of these issues and hopefully things can be improved this time.

Have your say / How to find out more
The organisers are coming along to the Prestwich Township Forum on Wednesday 13 March 2013 (either 6.00 or 6.30pm Longfield Centre more details nearer the time) to listen to the views of local people.
If there are particular concerns you would like me to feed in please do not hesitate to get in touch.


For information please find here the presentation which has been given on the ‘debrief’ of the Stone Roses concerts, which takes note of many of the issues raised by residents.

Stone Roses – MCC Feedback 12th Feb 2013


3 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    What will be happening with the police helicopters. This seemed to cause the most problems with the stone roses gig?

    Many Thanks

  2. fred garner says:

    Thank you for the warning Tim,I just hope that some consideration is given to the residents of Baguley Crescent & the surrounding area of Middleton this time.hec

  3. David Barlow says:

    Going to draw some positives from yet another unsupervised nightmare coming up. Have discovered on the internet urine tolerant summer bedding plants for my front garden and quite frankly these plants can’t get enough of the stuff . In fact if I’m really lucky and a family of four pee over my front garden wall this year it is the equivalent of giving me a free 1kg bag of organic fertiliser.
    Dave (Fed up) Middleton Rd Rhodes

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