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Poppythorn Lane / Heys Road Parking Update

by prestwichfocus on 26 February, 2013

A couple of residents have been in touch over an ongoing issue about problems with parking around the junction of Heys Road / Poppythorn Lane (near the Fairfax Road bridge).

After raising this with the Council I can report the following:

– The site has been visited by Council officers and the concerns investigated.
– It would seem that the problem relates to (car) transporters parking on the restrictions that are already in place. Therefore, Parking Services have been requested to hotspot the area in order to carry out enforcement of any contraventions. Hopefully enforcement of the existing restrictions will alleviate the parking problems.

– It was noted that the tabs for the loading restrictions have become faded, as such it has been  arranged for these markings to be renewed to ensure the restriction is visible to drivers.

Hope that helps alleviate the issue.


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