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Short Stay Parking – what do you think?

by prestwichfocus on 26 February, 2013

I was in Cheadle the other day with work. Like Prestwich, parking in the local council car parks is free all day, but unlike Prestwich part of the car park was set aside for short stay parking only. You had to get a (free) ticket from a machine and a parking attendant checked that only short stay cars were parked in the short stay bays.


Would this be a good idea for Prestwich – I’m thinking particularly in the Village centre (Fairfax Road and perhaps even the Longfield carpark). I know many people complain that it is impossible to get a parking space – just to visit local shops, the Library or the health centre, probably because all the spaces are taken up by people using the Metrolink to work in Manchester.

Good idea for Prestwich? What do you think?



6 Responses

  1. Frank O' Reilly says:

    Good idea. Two hours short stay in part of Fairfax & the Longfield will enable shoppers/library and medical centre visitors easier access and a separate area for full day Metrolink users.

  2. Karen Hatchett says:

    This is a good idea. I moved here from Thornbury/Olveston South Glos, and Thornbury had a short and long stay car park which ensures if someone is just visiting the Health Centre or shopping in the shops in the precinct they are able to park.

  3. peter hawksworth says:

    If Prestwich is ever to survive as a local shopping centre then free car parking is a must. You could always put a time limit of something like 4 hours free, this would deter people leaving cars there whilst they were at work.

  4. Brian Muir says:

    Hi Tim – this has been suggested before at LAP meetings, but as far as the Longfield CP is concerned there has always been doubt about a covenant re the residents of The Radius (typical Legal Dept lash up?). If it were possible it would improve parking for shoppers and users of other facilities and therefore benefit Prestwich Centre as a whole, but surely would push commuters back onto the side streets?
    Space is clearly a problem, but a dedicated commuter car park would help (the old garages and yards on the approach to the cricket club? – but guess Bury has no money for that – do Metrolink??)

  5. Vincent Smith says:

    Two hour parking is a good thing,but why don’t the council fit camera’s to record number plates in and out at the entrance/exit set a time window of two to four hours then charge people who exceed the parking time.This will stop people who park and use the Metro link and leave there vehicles all day.I personally very rarely use the car park during the day due to lack of parking.

  6. s a husain says:

    I think it is a go0d idea to earmark part of council car parks for short stays only. Experience will guide to the proportions.

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