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Reporting back: Prestwich Township Forum

by prestwichfocus on 23 July, 2013

Last week was the regular meeting of the Prestwich Township Forum which is the regular meeting which brings together councillors, community reps and members of the public.

There were three main items being discussed:

The organisers of the Parklife Festival in Heaton Park came to give feedback of some of the issues from the festival and some of the issues raised by residents. The most important issues that members of the public raised was problems caused south of the park – particularly on roads going off Bury Old Road towards the Sedgley side of Prestwich. I have also fed in a large number of issues raised by Holyrood ward residents – both positive and negative.

Prestwich Community Plan
We agreed a new Prestwich Community Plan, which sets out what some of the agencies involved will try to do to improve the local area.

Public Question Time
Two main issues:
– the state of the village centre, with residents being appalled about the poor state of cleanliness
– issues of security and anti-socia behaviour around the Marauders football field behind Tescos.

Any questions please ask. The papers for the meeting are here.


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