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Council says NO to the Village Haul markets – sign the petition!

by prestwichfocus on 11 March, 2015

The ‘Village Haul’, vintage fairs that have been taking place for two years now at the Church Lane Community Centre have been told by Bury Council that they can no longer have a license to operate.

Village Haul have been told by Bury Council that they have granted an exclusive franchise for vintage markets (apparently for Prestwich and Ramsbottom) to one organisation, with the result that nobody else will be granted a licence to hold fairs for the duration of the tender.


The team from Village Haul say:
“We were given no notification about this vintage tender (although we had previously held Council licensed events in Prestwich) and were only told of this decision when we applied to hold another Village Haul. With this franchise in place, we will have no choice or variety of vintage fairs/markets in Prestwich.

We really enjoyed filling our Community Centre with talented traders and happy, enthusiastic locals and feel our village fair has a lot of social value. We are asking for signatures on a petition to present to Bury Council in the hope that they will rethink creating a monopoly in this way, that restricts diversity and business in Prestwich and stops us from enjoying a village fair.”

If you would like to save The Village Haul and disagree with Bury Council giving one organisation a franchise to run vintage fairs/markets in Prestwich, please share this post and sign our petition:

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