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Bus Lanes Reviewed in Bury – Next Step to be Whitefield and Prestwich

by prestwichfocus on 23 September, 2015

Bury Council at it’s last full meeting agreed changes to the three bus lanes that operate around the Bury Town Centre, following serious concerns about the flow of traffic and congestion causes in some places.


Three major changes are to take place as a result of the review:

In light of the current Lidl proposal to realign Bolton Road and Victoria Street that the sections of bus lane on Bolton Road are left in situ. The bus lane at Victoria Street will be realigned and the new layout should make the bus lane easier to negotiate by drivers. It is recommended that the new layout is reviewed after 6 months.

The termination point of the bus lane is moved approximately 20 metres south. In addition the bus stop at the end of the lane is also relocated further south.

The bus lane on Rochdale Road is experimentally suspended for up to 18 months and reviewed after 6 months. In addition to this the effects of the experimental suspension are reviewed after 6 months.

At the meeting I asked the Council Leader if this review could now be extended to the bus lanes in the south of the Borough, which is principally the bus lanes on the 135 route near to Heaton Park and in on the A56 in Whitefield. The Council Leader agreed that the review would be extended to these areas.

If you have any thoughts on how we could improve our bus lanes (or if these lanes are indeed helpful in these places) please do not hesitate to let us know and we can feed this into the review.

The full report is here.


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  1. Richard Gee says:

    The bus lanes operate at different hours and on different days to cause maximum confusion resulting in cars keeping out of them when they could be in them – and using them when they shouldnt.

    There are rarely buses in them and when there are – they are often delayed in getting into them because of the tailback of cars avoiding entering them.

    If we were to have a bus lane all the way from Bury to Manchester I would agree with them – but this hotch potch approach of a bus lane here for 400yds and one here for 600yds does nothing but sow confusion for other motorists !

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