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Heaton Park Pay and Display Update

by prestwichfocus on 8 March, 2016

The Heaton Park management have asked us to make residents aware of public notices which were published last Thursday in the Manchester Evening News.

These notices for the next steps in the park’s plan to have ongoing pay and display parking charges throughout the park, which they hope will commence this summer.

The notices are for areas currently used for car parking, to be formally designated as car parks.


We know a number of residents have expressed concerns about pay and display parking. We have separately asked Bury Coucnil to formally review two areas adjacent to the park around parking issues which could be affected by any changes in Heaton Park. These are:
– the bottom of St Margaret’s Road (where the bank used to be)
– Upper Wilton Street immediately to the north of Heaton Park Metrolink.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have comments, views or ideas on this issue.


3 Responses

  1. John latham says:

    I object to having to pay car parking fees in my local park, or is this just the start of charging for all parks!. I visit this park regularly with my grandchildren for the play area and garden centre, so why is the motorist charged for this facility and not everybody else, we are all rate payers.
    Payments to enter the park by car started at 50p and the cost rose to £1.50, what will it rise to now?
    Stop percicuting the motorists…

  2. Jim Meldrum says:

    Re Heaton Park car parking charges:
    If they are going to charge, will they improve the standard of the parking areas?
    The car park off Sheepfoot Lane is just a mass of pot holes, perhaps they will accept responsibility for any damage to vehicles as a result of the atrocious condition!

  3. Imran Akhtar says:


    I think pay and display idea in a park is absurd. Not that I cannot afford a quid, I just do not like the idea of being charged to enjoy nature.


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