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Hunters Grill Late Night Refreshment License Application

by timpickstone on 4 November, 2016

Just to let residents know about an application from Hunters Grill (99 Heywood Road near the Metrolink Bridge)

They have applied for a variation to a Premise Licence. This is for Late Night Refreshment (indoors and outdoors) from 23.00pm until 4.00am the following day.

If people have any queries please could they let us know in the next week to meet the objection period.


9 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds good on the face of it (without knowing any details), I recommend the food from there. I would check Bury’s planning portal but it doesn’t seem to work.

    IDOX Public Access

    Page not found

    The requested URL was not found on this server. If you had typed the URL, please check especially the following possibilities:

    Perhaps the URL you typed contained lower case letters instead of upper case letters, or vice versa? URLs are case-sensitive, generally speaking.
    A space somewhere? A URL must not contain a blank (space) character.
    Check whether there are some extra characters at the end of the URL, or perhaps some missing characters.

  2. Sue says:

    Is late night refreshments another name for drugs?

  3. Anon says:

    Hi Cllr Pickstone,
    Thanks for this information. Can you please confirm what proposed measures are in place to reduce noise, littering and anti social behaviour from this proposal. (All of which are concerns).



  4. Alan Burton says:

    As the local Homewatch Coordinator for Penrhyn Drive at the rear of Hunters Grill myself and the residents of Penrhyn Drive object to this application. It is already a disgrace at the back of the shops with food cartons strewn all over the pavement outside the shop. This shop has become a hang out for youths congregating, smoking drugs and loutish behaviour both at the front and at the rear alleyway leading to the back of the shops and this area is littered with drug cannisters, balloons, beer cans and general rubbish. Recently since Hunters Grill opened there has been a problem with Rats in the alleyway and local gardens. I have been approached by local residents after hearing about this application and below is a list of comments they have made.

    1. Detrimental to residents entitlement to a peaceful nights
    2. Drunken and drug anti social behaviour
    3. Outdoor eating in a residential area is unacceptable.
    4. Older residents being disturbed.
    5. Young families with children being disturbed.
    6. Disadvantages to the community by bringing in outside
    visitors to the area at unreasonable times i.e. late at night
    and early hours of the morning.
    7. Cars arriving at all hours with banging of doors.

    What is the next step that we can take to oppose the late licence application.

    I would appreciate your comments on the above.


    Alan Burton, Penrhyn Drive Homewatch Co-Ordinator
    Mobile 0780 1790190

  5. john odonnell says:

    Hello Tim

    Regarding Hunter’s Grill late night refreshment licence application, I and many other Heaton Street residents are against this application to extend their business opening hours further from 23:00 – 04:00.

    On the grounds of increased nuisance this will cause during unsocial hours in a residencial area, this on top of the nuisance we residents already suffer since Hunter’s Grill opened. My concerns are if the council permits this application to go ahead it will result in increased pollution, noise and litter levels for nearby residents who live on Heaton Street & Hampdon Road. As well as increased traffic levels at all hours, particularly during warmer weather.

    What reasons have Hunter’s Grill given to support this application?

    Are you aware the current business is up for sale (£50k)? So rather than serving any customer demand, is this application perhaps more to do with enhancing their business valuation ? Personally I don’t see a demand for the comsumption of food much after 11pm in a mainly residential area, plenty of food outlets on the villiage don’t stay open until 4am? If any that do then surely they are better located to meet current demand?

    Hunter’s Grill regularly stays open now beyond their supposed 11pm closure time, it’s nearer 01:00 when they finally roll down their shutters. Why hasn’t the council done anything about this?

    If this application is succesful what next? An application for a licence to sell alcohol as well? As I see this as their only means of attracting more business. Then what? Taxis running up and down residential streets at all hours, drunks unrinating or being sick on our streets?

    I understand that Hunter’s Grill may also have an interest in the premises next door which is currently under refurbishment. What are the plans for these premises? Is this connected to this application? Or does the owner intend to rent this to yet another takeaway food outlet? Who may also want to stay open until 4am?

    Over the years we had quite a few takeaways on this row of shops with not that many issues however, since Hunters Grill opened earlier this year the first things that was immediatley noticable were the smoke & food odours.

    The (blue) smoke emanates from their roof top ventilation shaft presumable at start of business when they stoke up their grills, the blue colour and fuel ordour suggest to me they use some kind of excellerent. When this finally clears we then have to suffer the cooking smells. Both suggest to me that they have little if any filtration in place to prevent these ordours escaping poluting our homes and gardens. We can’t leave our windows open or washing out, it’s your luck which way the wind happens to be blowing. I do have photo’s and a short video but can’t attached to this response.

    Rather that being just a takeway Hunter’s Grill has indoor seating which IMO has contributed to a significant increase in gangs of youths loitering about the area as some kind of place to hang about or meet up. If outside seating is approved I can see it only getting worse. Cars are also parked outside the shops now for longer periods, customer parking overspills onto the bottom corners of Heaton Street/Hampden Road and when these parking spaces are not available people have resorted to parking on the wide ajoining corner pavement.

    As your already aware this section of road has a 20mph speed limit which is blatantly ignored, the warning signs haven’t operated in months (which I reported). Making what is a dangerous junction even more dangerous. Not forgetting any poor pedestrians (customers) trying to cross this section of Heywood road.

    Then there is the increased litter we’ve suffered, I noticed last week the council employed litter pickers here, so they should be able to give you the feedback into the content of litter and amount they collected. At who’s request were litter pickers deployed here? Since there are no refuse bins on Heaton Street and only one outside the shops you can’t say there is sufficient refuse provision now, never mind for more extended opening hours.

    As a resident of Heaton Street for over 20 years I feel that the current situation isn’t fair on the nearby residents who so far have put up disruption caused with how Hunter’s Grill conduct their business during current opening times. To grant them a licence to open longer would only make a bad situation much worse.


    John O’Donnell

  6. Victoria Burton says:

    I see no reason why this business requires this sort of license. The litter surrounding their premises is already an issue and it will attract further litter and anti social behaviour from people who already socialise there and have already caused issues. I strongly object to this license request.

  7. Hilary Herman says:

    Why do people need to eat at that hour? Night workers won’t be there, it’ll be drunks and the amount of litter on the roads will be horrendous.

  8. Christine taylor says:

    Should not be granted a licence, to near residents who have enough to to deal with from simply local shop and the people hanging around outside during normal hours without it going on till 4am

  9. Alastair Davis says:

    I believe that attracting people to the premises at that time will cause even more problems for residents in the local area. It is predominantly a residential area, there just happens to be a shop, takeaway and launderette there but they are surrounded by houses.

    Currently, the smell that comes from the place has meant that I often have to wash my clothes twice as they get contaminated with barbecued meat smell when I hang them on the washing line. In the summer, when we open windows, the house smells of it too. We would have to endure the smell through the night, in the summer when we sleep with the windows open.

    The streets in the surrounding area suffer severe litter problems from discarded takeaway wrappers, some of which also litter the front gardens, and someone vomited outside my house the other day. I couldn’t tell from the vomit residue as to what their last meal was. Burger? Could have been.

    My car has been vandalised by people walking down heaton street towards the attraction of the takeaway and shop. I know other neighbours have had their cars vandalised as well.

    Opening until 4 in the morning and attracting even more inebriated individuals (who are likely to have been drinking into the small hours) is certain to increase the level of nuisance that Hunters Grill currently provides:

    > More litter (including vomit)
    > More vandalism
    > More noise
    > More revolting smell

    For the sake of local residents, this licence extension should be refused.

    Why hasn’t the council consulted on this?

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