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Answers to Questions: Bulky Waste Collections

by timpickstone on 14 February, 2017

On 10 April 2016 the cost of a bulky waste collection increased from £15 for up to 3 items, with up to 2 additional items for £5 each, to £30 for up to 5 items – that is the minimum charge has doubled from £15 to £30. Given the number of residents that have been in touch about this, this price increase has come as a shock to some.

One of the most frequent issues that you contact us about is fly tipping, sometimes this is large scale fly-tipping in semi-rural areas, but often it is waste left in ‘back alleys’ or between flats that is not normally collectable.

We wanted to see if there had been a REDUCTION in the amount of collections requested since the price increase. There has – in the 8 months May-Deceber 2016, 611 LESS collections were requested from the Council since the price increase. (Though apparently the average number of items in each collection has increased.)


Obviously not all of these items will have been fly-tipped – no doubt many people have taken items to the nearest tip (not that we have one in Prestwich anymore….), however not everyone can do this easily.

We all know that Councils have to save money, and sometimes this mean increasing charges to residents – but we do need to find a balance between providing a good service and ensuring that the appearance of our local communities is not blighted by illegal fly-tipping.

Let us know what you think on the issue!




3 Responses

  1. Frank O'Reilly says:

    It would be interesting to measure the increased cost of clearing fly tipping as this may be a direct result of the increase in the collection charge.
    In addition, I know of people who have reported fly tipping and advised the instance and location to the council repeatedly but it has not been dealt with.
    If bulky collections were to have a minimal charge, I’m sure more would use it with the consequent reduction in the tendency to fly tip.

  2. Gerry Kelly says:

    I recently began the process of booking a bulky waste collection but was shocked to see that both a bath and sink constitute ‘two’ items! This seems unfair and counter productive. I decided to take the items myself, as you intimated in your article. I managed to cut the bath up with an electric saw!! If five items actually meant five items, I would happily have continued with my booking and arranged for the council collection.

  3. Irene burwin says:

    I have joined a campaign to keep Prestwich clean by doing a litter pick. There is a meeting at All Sorts Warwick street 20th February at 7.00. Volunteers will meet to discuss worse places one of them Prestwich clough. We are not clearing fly tipping waste but I know of many places around Prestwich and Whitefield that need cleaning up. Motorway junctions are terrible Pilsworth springs to mind . Fly tippers when caught need naming and shaming and do community service clearing fly tips!

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