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Two major 20mph Schemes Abandoned

by prestwichfocus on 11 May, 2017

Following a long investigation by your local Councillors, the Council has confirmed that two major 20mph schemes in Holyrood Ward are now NOT going ahead.

Five years ago Bury Council’s Labour administration announced that all residential roads in the Borough would be made 20mph in it’s “Streetsafe” scheme. Since then only one scheme in Holyrood Ward has been completed – St Margaret’s Road and (part of) Polefield Road.

Last year the Council undertook two major consultation for two additionl schemes:
– “Poppythorn Road Area” (Nursery, Poppythorn, Glebeleands, Langley etc)
– “Heaton Park Area”, the entire area between Bury Old Road and Heywood Road

Now it has been confirmed that both these schemes have been abandoned, despite the fact that 19 other schemes in the rest of Bury ARE going ahead. Apparently the Poppythorn Road area scheme is on a ‘reserve’ list, but the Heaton Park scheme isn’t.

We also asked what was happening to the other areas that Streetsafe hadn’t yet got to the consultation stage of (in Holyrood Ward this is the area of Whitefield to the south of the motorway (Tamworth Avenue etc), and Simister village. Residents have also raised concerns about parts of Heywood Road that particularly suffer from speeding traffic. There are no plans for any works in any of these areas.

We are concerned that this is a very poor deal for our area. Not everybody likes 20mph schemes, but there are sometimes roads that do particularly suffer from speeding traffic where this can be a good option.

There are a number of things we are going to continue to pursue around speeding traffic, particularly whether there are other ways of addressing this on some of our roads.

Please do let us know your views on this issue.


7 Responses

  1. J. Harding says:

    Cars use Simister Lane as a cut through and speed down the lane !Trucks and vans as well ..its dangerous !!!

  2. J Ashton says:

    We live on St Margarets Road & nobody does 20mph anyway & this is made worse when visitors to Heaton Park are frantically trying to find a free place to park on St Margarets & all the side streets.

    • J.Owen says:

      I notice no – one has mentioned Heywood Old Road…This is a black spot as far as speeding traffic is concerned.Last Friday evening there was a crash involving 2 vehicles at the Baguley Crescent end of the road…how no – one was killed I’ll never know.I myself have been a victim of this.I asked the police at the time why they don’t put cameras up…His reply “It’s a waste of time..people would ignore them!

  3. ken says:

    People use mount road as a speedy run through. it is dangerous. Cars are always trying to get through when their is clearly no room. I have been caught twice by cars when getting out of and locking my car. They just will not wait.

  4. TeeJ says:

    Traffic on Heywood road from Bury old road on rat run over Sandgate road bridge would benefit from 20 mph restriction if this was enforced. It may reduce traffic noise and house vibration caused by worn out road. If people would park their cars on the road instead of pavements this would also act as a way of slowing down traffic without the need for a 20 mph zone forcing cars to slow down to pass each other.

  5. Lucette Tucker says:

    Because of the proximity of the school, a twenty miles an hour limit on Nursery Road would have been sensible – more so than speed bumps – though not heard anything about those either.

  6. Peter Fallon says:

    Major speed problems on Simister Lane through the village at all times of the day but particularly after 7pm. It is a fact that 70% of vehicles using the lane as a cut through are NOT owned by residents. Loads of white Transit type vans use the lane after 7pm for some reason. Another dearly loved pet cat was mown down on Wednesday evening by a car at high speed which did NOT stop causing severe distress to the owner. Nobody takes any notice of what we say but when the 1st fatality occurs the authorities cannot say they have not been warned. There is talk of villagers taking action themselves unless this is addressed.

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