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Community Fund Established to promote community cohesion in Greater Manchester

by prestwichfocus on 11 July, 2017

A community fund has been created to support local communities affected by the attack at the Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017. The fund will assist local groups and organisations to host events and manage initiatives to counter hate and emerging unrest, and should look to promote cohesion within communities.

Any events should be inclusive, with each aiming to bring together a broad mix of people from different backgrounds to learn more about their local communities. We would particularly like to see events that can bring communities together who do not normally meet on a regular basis to enjoy activities, food, music, etc together.

All events should be held under the ‘We Stand Together’ banner to promote a unified and consistent message of community cohesion and understanding.

General Criteria
· Organisations must deliver their project within the Greater Manchester area;
· The funding can be used to cover costs of venue hire, refreshments and activities that will bring communities of different backgrounds together to promote cohesion and understanding amongst its members;
· The maximum amount which can be applied for is £250 (larger amounts may be considered under special circumstances for larger events);
· Organisations may be asked to provide receipts of any items purchased with the grant awarded
· Organisations must undergo some due diligence procedures before funding will be awarded.

· Statutory organisations such as local authorities, hospitals, schools and colleges, unless they are supporting the application of, or applying on behalf of, another organisation or group of people;
· Commercial or profit seeking enterprises;
· Activities where the primary aim is to promote religious or political beliefs;
· Capital projects, such as building or construction work and organisation infrastructure costs;
· Medical research and equipment;
· Any salaries;
· Funding requests above £250.

The fund is open now and will remain open until further notice.

How to Apply
All application details are available on the High Sheriff’s Trust website:

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