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Reporting Back: Heaton Park

by prestwichfocus on 11 July, 2017

Councillor Mary D’Albert met with the team at Heaton Park, and with organisers of the Parklife weekend:

The Parklife concert took place on the 10/11th June this year. The crowd attending was 500 more than last year (approx 79,000)

Noise and traffic complaints from residents were up on last year. Noise level set to a maximum of 75(db) which is specified on the licence. This was not exceeded but wind direction and wind speed has an effect. Noise cannot be reduced by staff during concert even if they get complaints.

There were a number of issues with parking permits not being delivered in some areas due to problems with the contractor. In the end around 650 people picked there permits up from Maccabi on Friday evening or Saturday.

A number of issues raised by local residents with your councillors have been fed into Parklife for consideration before next years event.

The concert ran over by 16 minutes on Sunday evening (deliberately), this was due to an incident at Victoria train station (a fatality). All trams to Manchester were stopped. Approx 20,000 people use the tram to get home from the concert. People from the concert went to the tram station, they were then walked to Manchester by police and stewards.

There is a £44,000 for the community fund – this is split 50/50 between Prestwich and the areas of Manchester near to the Park. This money comes from a small fee being added to the ticket price. Information on how groups can obtain money from this fund will be circulated in the next few weeks, We will keep you posted.

Next year the concert will be on the 9/10th June 2018.

Tree Top Trek
This facility has now opened in Heaton Park; it is in the woodland between the St Margaret’s Road entrance and the main car park.

It is opened all year round. There is a ‘Zip Trek’ which is a 2/3 hour course and a ‘Mini Trek’ which is for children and families from 5. You can get all the information from The last booking is at 4pm, so all people should be out of the park by 7pm latest. There are discounts for local schools and groups.

The security for this facility is operated by G4, they operate all park security. The Police are aware of some recent issues in the evenings.

Timetable of events in Heaton Park

– Heaton Hall Tour (9 July)
– Feelgood Theatre Productions present A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream (20 July to 6 August)
– Come to the Beach (22 July to 3 September)
– Twisted Tale Dance and Photography Workshop in connection with Once Upon A Twisted Tale (24 July to 1 September)

Friendsfest (4 August – 13 August) (A festival based on the TV series ‘friends’….)
– Heaton Hall Tour (13 August)

– Heritage Open Days – Heaton Hall (9 September – 10 September)


4 Responses

  1. Barbara manley says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for news regarding park life can you keep me posted as I’ve complained to Manchester council .I heard from someone who said vertically same but not got back to me.Thanks Mrs B Manley.

  2. David Doran says:


    Thanks on the update about the police being aware of the increase in anti social behaviour in the evenings.

    I’ve noticed in the past month or so an increase on St Margaret’s Road, groups of young people hanging around, noise and additional litter.

    • prestwichfocus says:

      Thanks David – As I understand the people the Police are aware of had been using the St Margaret’s entrance, so hopefully this is in hand.

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