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M60/M62 Motorway Works – Completion Delayed….

by prestwichfocus on 12 September, 2017

Sadly, the misery we have all been facing on the M60 as it passes Prestwich and Whitefield looks set to continue well into 2018, as Highways England announces a delay to the completion of the ‘Smart Motorway’ works. The works started in summer 2014, and are now not due to be finished until summer 2018.

As you will have seen – Highways England are installing overhead gantries on the M60 and M62. These signs will display variable speed limits to help tackle congestion and keep traffic flowing.

Overnight roadworks will continue closing sections of the M60 and M62 overnight and at weekends to:
– upgrade existing gantries
– repair drainage and prevent flooding
– install signs
Diversion routes will be clearly signposted and you can find out the latest roadworks on our roadworks feed.

What next?
Highways England will be opening this scheme in phases. On the M60, between junctions 8 and 10 we will be removing the temporary narrow lanes this autumn, starting in October.

They plan to open extra lanes and switch on electronic signs on the M62, junctions 18-20, by December – increasing the number of lanes from 3 to 4.

Temporary narrow lanes will then be removed between junctions 15 and 18 on the M60 in early 2018, and between junctions 10 and 15 in the spring with the final set of electronic signs on the M60 to be switched on by the summer.

July 2014 – Main construction work begins.
Autumn 2017 – Removal of narrow lanes on the M60 junctions 8 -10 and on the M62 junctions 18-20. New technology being under testing at both of these locations.
December 2017 – Electronic speed limit signs in operation on M60 junctions 8 – 10 and M62 junctions 18-20. Extra lanes open on M62 junctions 18-20.
Summer 2018 – Temporary narrow lanes removed on M60 junctions 15 – 18, temporary narrow lanes removed from M60 junctions 10 – 15. M60 junctions 11-18 opens once technology has been successfully tested.

We’re already asked what the impact of this delay is on the roadworks on the A56 through Prestwich. Previously we have been told that the resurfacing works on the A56 would be likely to be delayed to 2018 with attempts to avoid closing with resurfacing works on the M60 – we’ll let you know the response..


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  1. Junction 17 Resident says:

    Can we request response from Highways Project team if the scope still includes for noise reducing resurfacing to the extent of the works and acoustic screening to along key areas of junction 17-18 where the noise is highest due to lack of cutting embankments. I assume additional programme time will result in project overspend and potential value engineering out of such promised treatments? The main concern is if the motorway becomes ‘smart’ this will result in constant flowing traffic and ultimately increase in longer term noise pollution.

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