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Bonfire Night in Heaton Park – Feedback

by prestwichfocus on 14 November, 2017

A number of residents have been in touch over the last week with concerns about parking on Sunday 5 November 2017 for people attending the Bonfire Night in Heaton Park.

As I understand there were some problems in a number of areas with on-street parking which affected some of the residential streets around the park.

I am keen to discuss this with Heaton Park, and try to get something working better for next year, but would appreciate more information and feedback from residents.


Tim (


4 Responses

  1. Christopher Nealon says:

    Tim. Yes there was problems with “on street parking”. Oldfield Road several cars appeared. Families all wrapped up in warm clothing who walked off towards the park. They then returned after the fireworks and drove off. Definatly not residents cars or known to residents.

  2. K says:

    Cars were abandoned on Henry Street, Bailey Street and surrounding roads. They were on pavements and grassed areas. We left to go to the bonfire and the pavements were very dangerous with people bumping up the kerbs to park the cars oblivious to pedestrians.

  3. Nikki Anderson says:

    Milton Road was also badly affected along with Heys Road. Cars not able to see traffic when coming out of the junctions due to where cars had parked, gridlock because cars came both ways up Milton Road.

    • Steve P says:

      Tim. Polefield Rd was blocked on both sides all the way up to Heywood Rd. None of the residents could park up. I ended up at a friends driveway half a mile away. Not happy about that. Next year please enforce residents only parking with no access to the park via St Margarets Rd. Thanks

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