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Budget: Calls for Investment in homes, infrastructure and the NHS

by prestwichfocus on 21 November, 2017

Vince Cable MP has used his pre-budget speech to set out the alternative Liberal Democrat approach to the budget, with investment in infrastructure, homes, the NHS and young people’s learning.

In a speech to entrepreneurs last week, Vince Cable set out a Lib Dem economic strategy to deliver a modern, forward-looking, outward-facing economy which will offer opportunities to young people and higher living standards for everyone.

A Liberal Democrat budget would commit to the following:

    • Increase capital spending, particularly on transport infrastructure and large-scale housebuilding. Borrowing to finance productive investment at very low-interest rates is financially responsible and good for the economy.
    • Put a penny on each pound included for income tax to raise £6bn a year for the NHS
    • Introduce a lifelong learning endowment to enable every 18 year old to fund their own training and professional development
    • Reform business tax and clampdown on tax havens; including through a public register of beneficial ownership for Overseas Territories

The full text of Vince’s speech is here.

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