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New travel pass set to benefit women affected by pension changes

by prestwichfocus on 3 April, 2018

The Women’s Concessionary Travel Pass becomes operational today (3 April 2018) enabling women affected by the change to the state pension age in 2011 have access to free off-peak travel on bus, train and Metrolink.

Those that can apply for the Women’s Concessionary Travel Pass are women who were born between 6 October 1953 and 5 November 1954 and who currently live in Greater Manchester.

The introduction of the new travel pass comes after Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, last year pledged to help those women who were most affected by the sudden change to the pension age in 2011.

Women born between 6 October 1953 and 5 November 1954 are those who would experience the longest delays in receiving their pension, and who were not properly notified of the sudden change following the introduction of the 2011 Pensions Act.

TfGM have created a dedicated webpage to help women find out if they’re eligible for the new pass. If they are then applying for the pass can be done by post or via their nearest TfGM Travelshop.


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  1. Sandra Lewis says:

    Hi. When readung the report for women born before 5th nov 1954, it reads that i could apply for free travel pass has u was born in oct 1954. Is this accurate or is it still beung done on a sliding scale?

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