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Heaton Park Pay-and-Display Starts 21 May

by prestwichfocus on 15 May, 2018

Pay & Display parking parking, all year round, in Heaton Park will be implemented from 21 May 2018.

An advert was placed in the Manchester Evening News on Tuesday 8 May 2018 as required to seal the Traffic Regulation Orders and bring these into operation.

Residents may remember that Heaton Park (Manchester City Council) consulted on the year-round charges four years ago. At the time Prestwich’s team of Liberal Democrat councillors submitted a strong objection to the proposals, supporting the views of many local residents who were concerned about the impact on our use of the park, and on surrounding streets. Manchester Council decided to go ahead after their consultation process but it has taken four years to make the necessary changes.

(This information is provided by Manchester City Council)

From 21 May 2018 the Pay & Display charges will apply every day from 10am until 5pm, with occasional exceptions for big events. Vehicles should only be left in designated car parks.

First hour £1
One to three hours £2
Over three hours £3
Blue Badge holders can park for free in any available space throughout the car parks, as long as the badge is correctly used.

How to pay for parking:
Cash or card at the machine in the car park and display the ticket in your windscreen, or
pay online using our PayByPhone mobile phone app using the specific car park ID code, which is marked on the ticket machine (ticket not required for this option, but you need to download the app and register before you can use it), or buy an annual parking permit for your vehicle.

If you’re in the park before 10am and want to stay after 10am, you can either:
– buy a ticket when you park (your paid time starts at 10am, so buying a two hour ticket at 8am allows you to park until 12noon); or
– use the PayByPhone app from anywhere in the park. With PayByPhone you can pay for, or top up, your parking ticket when required.

Civil Enforcement Officers will patrol the car parks: anyone that leaves their car without a valid ticket, allows their ticket to expire or parks outside of the marked bay will be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

(More information, including information on annual permits here.)

Residents Concerns
A long-standing concern of local residents has been the impact on parking for the park on nearby residential streets. Residents right round the park – St Margaret’s Road area, the roads off Bury Old Road, and the roads off Sheepfoot Lane, all experience significant problems on busy days in the park.

We are working with the Park, and Bury Council, to see what measures now need to be taken to make sure that residents who live near the park are protected as far as possible and will be speaking to residents in these areas over the coming weeks.


6 Responses

  1. Joyce Barker says:

    Do people visiting the garden centre/cafe also have to pay? This, I believe, is a privately run enterprise, so if they lose money this is another thing that will be lost.

  2. Howard Goldman says:

    Bit of a deliberate ripoff these charges !
    This is what Stockport Council rates are at Bramhall Park Bruntwood Park & Etherow park charge:
    Up to 1 hour: 70p; up to 2 hours: £1; up to 4 hours: £2; up to 10 hours: £3
    If Mcr City Council charged more reasonable rates I’m sure there’d be no clogging of side streets in Holyrood/St Margarets area.
    I’m sure that revenues won’t improve the current shoddy state of a lot of the park’s areas….

  3. Graham Humphrey says:

    An additional problem with the Heaton Park Car parks is that there is no provision whatsoever for “Parent & Child ” spaces, but a complete overkill of disabled spaces.
    I suspect many parents are going to resent paying for parking to then struggle to get their “equipment” out/in of their vehicles – in a normal width parking bay – and also then running the risk of having their car scratched by someone else also struggling to use these spaces.

    I have taken it up with MCC but they really don’t want to know. They only care about the disabled!

  4. Norma easterbrook says:

    There is absolute chaos around gate 15 the st Margaret’s enterance of Heaton park, especially on bank holidays and sunny weekends, the roads are blocked with cars people are arguing as they have difficulty getting in the park. I do not believe their are enough parking spaces in the park. All the roads around st Margaret’s are full of cars trying to park making it difficult for residents to move, I once had someone park in front of my driveway and my car was in the driveway, it appears anything goes.
    A further comment I have is the lack of flowers in the park, I visit many other parks who have lovely gardens bright with colour, the only effort made in Heaton park is in front of Heaton hall (which does look lovely when in full bloom)and on entering gate 15. Come on pull your socks up and sort out this problem

  5. Nina Monaghan says:

    I agree that the impact on local residents is a concern. Venturing out on busy days means trying not to return until after peak times or staying home to avoid disruption.
    Since local people are those who utilise the Park year round I believe better care of them by the council is needed. Furthermore a public transport initiative would be in keeping with getting people more physically active and reduce traffic in the area. Suggest park and ride possibly.

  6. Justine Briggs says:

    A joke. Local residents once again will be impacted. When is a residents permit scheme going to be introduced? Local streets are already being turned into car parks, with emergency vehicles unable to get down most… it says local residents have been consulted, rubbish and I live a stones throw away from the park!

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