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International Volunteers Day

by timpickstone on 5 December, 2018

International Volunteer Day takes place on the 5th December to celebrate the hard work of volunteers.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our community and take on many important roles, be that looking after parks and paths or volunteering in local charity shops or community groups. Without volunteers, these things would not be able to take place and life would be trickier in our local communities.

This year, there is a special focus on local community volunteers across the world through the title of “Volunteers build Resilient Communities”. This focus aims to celebrate those who have remained resilient in the face of natural disasters, economic stresses and political shocks, freak events that lead to extremely challenging situations.

If you’re a volunteer then thank you. If you aren’t yet why not learn something new and get stuck in with one of the many brilliant groups in our area.

The Bury Directory has lots of information about how you can get involved in volunteering here.

The Liberal Democrats would also like to thank all of our volunteers for your hard work and commitment. We are a grassroots volunteer organisation, and we couldn’t function without the volunteers who help us out.

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