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​Stay safe – make sure your taxi is licensed

by timpickstone on 19 December, 2018

Bury Council’s Licensing team are reminding the public to use only legitimate taxis and private hire vehicles when travelling home from Christmas festivities.

Their message is clear: ‘Don’t get into an unregistered, untraceable car which isn’t displaying taxi plates’.

Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles operating in Bury must have a council licence, and drivers must wear council-issued ID.

Angela Lomax, Bury’s head of trading standards and licensing, said: “By using vehicles licensed by Bury Council, passengers can be sure that the vehicle has been properly tested, the driver has undergone vetting and criminal background checks before being issued with a licence, and that they are fully insured to carry fare-paying passengers. Using a vehicle that is not licensed cannot guarantee these fundamental safeguards.”

Party-goers are advised to get a “taxi” from an official taxi rank or book a private hire car. Never get into a private hire vehicle if you haven’t booked it.

Ms Lomax added: “There are precautions you can take, using your phone. Try to use an app when you book a taxi, which will record the details of the vehicle you use should any problems arise. For extra security, you could also take a picture of the licence plate and send this to a friend or relative.

“We would also encourage taxi users to let us know about any inappropriate behaviour by drivers, including overcharging. Only by complaining can we discourage unwanted behaviour and remove rogue and illegal drivers from our streets.”

Anyone who has a concern about a taxi should contact the council’s licensing team on 0161 253 5208, quoting the licence plate details.

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