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GMSF Housing and Green Belt Proposals

by timpickstone on 10 January, 2019

Greater Manchester’s councils this week have launched the revised set of proposals in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF).

– Space for 202,000 new houses in Greater Manchester over the next 20 years.

– 9,500 in Bury – 5,000 of which on Green Belt land.
– Greater Manchester will lose 4% of its green belt land, but in Bury the figure is 12% and in Prestwich and Whitefield about 40% lost.-
– In the Prestwich area, this is a 2,700 new houses on the eastern side of Prestwich, around Simister and Bowlee (2,000 in Bury (Prestwich), 700 in Rochdale (Middleton). Further housing and industrial development north of the M60/M62 in Whitefield/Unsworth.
– Two major green belt housing sites further north in Bury around Walshaw and Elton Reservoir.

Map below is of the ‘Northern Gateway’ site – areas in the red line are proposed to be taken out of the green belt for development. 

The summary of the proposals is here.

The full proposals is here (very large download). The pages relevant to the Prestwich development are here and here.

We are campaigning against this development. We do need more houses, but these should be built on existing brownfield sites, not destroying our countryside. Sign our petition to say Hands off our Green Belt.

More information on the public consultation and how you can have your say when we have it.

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