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Bury New Road confirmed as most congested road in the North West

by timpickstone on 12 February, 2019

Bury New Road, right through Prestwich from Higher Broughton to the M60 junction, has been confirmed as the most congested road in the North West by in a world-wide study of congestion by INRIX.

Bury New Road was the worst in the region, with the worst roads in Stockport and Salford not far behind. Prestwich was 10th in the entire country for congestion.

The study estimates that each year a Bury New Road driver will lose 34 hours of their life to the additional congestion – that’s nearly a week at work.

Standing traffic, particularly large diesels like buses and lorries, is one of the worst causes of air pollution.

Our view is that the Council is failing to tackle this congestion, made it worse with all the parking bays through the village, and failed to address the series problems with rat runs throughout Prestwich that the congestion has caused. (More information BBC and MEN.)



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