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Reporting back: Local Issues

by prestwichfocus on 26 February, 2019

Just to report back on a number of local issues that have been raised by residents in recent weeks:

Litter – 8 new bins on their way!
Thanks to a grant that your three local councillors have made to the volunteer group ‘Clean Team Prestwich’, eight new litter bins are on their way to Holyrood Ward. These are proposed for:
– Bury Old Road (near the bus stop across from Heaton Park metro)
– Upper Wilton Street
– Heys Road (near the school)
– St Margaret’s Road (near the park entrance)
– Heaton Street (near the bowling green)
– Heywood Road 3 bins on the route up towards Parrenthon school (near the Mount Road shops, near Parrenthorn Road and outside the school).
Hopefully these make a good difference and help reduce the amount of litter in the area. We would be keen to support more bins in the future so please keep ideas for bin locations coming in and thank you to Clean Team Prestwich for organising!

Extra Parking Restriction behind Heys Road
A no waiting restriction is to be intoduced on the eastern side of the access road leading down to the Prestwich Cricket and Tennis club behind Prestwich Metrolink. Parking for the tram had caused problems for access to the site. Plans are here.

Street Lights Out Warwick Close
Thank you to residents who raised the issues of light being out in the ‘quiet’ part of Warwick Close. The middle light has now been replaced and other lights inspected to ensure this route is safe for pedestrians.

Missing Roadsigns
At our request new roadsigns have been ordered for The Heys and Albert Street. Please let us know if there are other ones that need replacing.

Bins Robert Street, Bailey Street, Bedford Street
Residents have raised concerns about bin collections in the ‘block’ which covers parts of Robert Street, Bailey Street and Bedford Street in Prestwich. Apparently residents are having to take bins up to Bedford Street to get them emptied. We have asked a clearer system for residents to ensure smooth emptying of bins.

Anti-Social Behaviour Heywood Road (near Mount Road shops)
Following reports from residents we have been in discussions with the police to tackle this issue.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there are issues in your area we can help with.

Cristina, Mary, Tim and Steve


2 Responses

  1. Suzanne Robinson says:

    There is some issues over rear of esrl street. The nursery, lockups and land has been sold to developers who intend on building on there which will force the nursery and earl street garage to close and relocate but this is being done a little back handed.

    Is this something you could investigate into. Its going to cause a lot of issues in the area and a lot of neighbours are extremely disgruntled by the whole process

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