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What’s in the Box?

by timpickstone on 12 March, 2019

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority have published an awareness campaign about things that shouldn’t be in our paper and card re-cycling bin.

They say:
Most people in Greater Manchester are great at recycling all they can from all over their homes. However, sometimes people forget to empty their cardboard boxes before putting them in the paper and card bin.

All of these things aren’t made of paper or card, so they don’t belong in your paper and card bin:

Polystyrene packaging
Bubble wrap
Old electrical appliances

Where do they go?
Nappies, polystyrene, bubble wrap and any other plastic packaging needs to go in your general waste bin. None of it is wasted though, it’s used to create electricity.

All of your food waste can be recycled in your food and garden bin at home, where it’ll be made into Revive compost in just 6 weeks. You can recycle electronic items at your local Recycling Centre, or if they are still working, you could donate them for reuse.

Why is it important?
Luckily, more and more people in Greater Manchester are recycling all their paper and cardboard from around their home. It’s really important to get it right so that it can be turned into new products, like a new newspaper or cardboard box. Putting the wrong things in your paper and card bin interferes with the recycling process.

This costs your council money and can result in loads of recycling being rejected by the people who reprocess the paper and card. Paper mills can only make recycled paper products out of paper or card. Things like plastic, food or electrical items can’t be transformed into new paper or card products, so can’t go in the paper and card recycling. Putting nappies in the paper and card bin is also unhygienic, as they contain human waste! This can cause health issues for people working in the recycling facilities and can damage machinery.

Recycling paper and card is really important. On average, every family in Greater Manchester uses 6 trees worth of paper every year. It is much better for the environment to make paper and card products out of recycled paper or card. It uses less energy and up to 50% fewer chemicals than virgin paper.

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