X-PERT Patient Programme Type 2 Diabetes

by timpickstone on 22 April, 2019

Information from Pennine Care NHS Trust about the X-PERT patient programme for patients who live in Bury or the Rochdale and have type 2 diabetes?

The aim is to improve your understanding of the condition, how it affects your body and how to make the best decisions to stay healthy and avoid life threatening complications.

There are six group sessions, which last 2.5 hours each and are held in a convenient community location.

Topics include healthy eating and tackling common food myths, medication, improving energy levels and fitness, how to lower blood glucose, blood pressure and blood cholesterol and more.

The X-PERT programme is run by experts from our nutrition and dietetic service and the community diabetes service, which we jointly run with Bury and Rochdale care organisation (part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group).

“While we offer lots of advice and support to people and see them regularly, we can’t be with them all the time.

“According to Diabetes UK, on average, people with diabetes spend three hours a year with a healthcare professional. For the remaining 8,757 hours they manage their diabetes themselves. This really highlights the importance of being able to effectively self-care.

“People really enjoy the programme and want to come back each week. It’s also really rewarding to see their knowledge, confidence and understanding about diabetes develop, so they can stay healthy and live well.”

After completing the programme, you can attend yearly follow up sessions, to refresh your knowledge and learn about new developments and advice.

Throughout 2019, there are places available on the X-PERT patient programme at venues in Bury and Rochdale. There are also other diabetes education programmes you can take advantage of, ranging from just over an hour to a full day.

To find out more, or book a place, please contact our community diabetes service on 0161 447 9847, or ask your GP to refer you to the service for diabetes education.Click here for more information.

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