Parklife – how was it for local residents?

by timpickstone on 12 June, 2019

Parklife weekend is over for another year (although we have one more separate concert this Saturday – the Courteeners on 15 June 2019).

Your local councillors we are keen to get feedback from residents about the weekend, and also your ideas on things that could be done differently in the future, so that we can feed back to the event organisers and Heaton Park management when we meet with them over the summer.

If you could take a few minutes to complete the survey here.


9 Responses

  1. Paul Grennlees says:

    In Simister it was louder this year due to the wind direction, could tell you have word to each song on Sunday night at 2200hrs when George Ezra was performing.

  2. Christopher Nealon says:

    Probably the best arrangements, so far. Still had Taxis dropping people off at St Margaret’s entrance. Also the “litter pickers” didn’t move out to outer areas. ( St Margaret’s Rd/Heywood Rd /Polefield Rd/Bury Old Rd shops). Lots of beer cans, and bottles left in hedges, on walls etc.

  3. Sharon Dolan says:

    Getting better but still had vehicles using Middleton Road M24 4QZ as drop off and collection point. No one was manning this.

  4. Heather Elliott says:

    Agree with the litter picker comment. They usual extend out to Bailey Street/ Robert Street, etc. but not this year so lots of rubbish left. Usually it’s the only time in the year when the roads round here are clean.

  5. robert pearson says:

    Suggest you go and speak personally to residents of Baguley Crescent and surrounding area. The behaviour of some of the concert goers was reported as appalling and my observations were that the traffic system was chaotic both at start time and finishing time. Cars were stopping/parking on the Heaton Park roundabout! and the scene around the junction of Heywood Old Road and Manchester Old Road was from Dante’s Inferno. Nobody wants to stop people enjoying themselves but there is a limit.
    The sound on Heywood Old Road was very! loud – the loudest it has been. Partly due to the wind direction I’m sure but the volume does seem to have been upped. There is much talk these days of noise pollution from vehicles, so where does this fit in?
    You really need to talk face to face with people to find out how things really were.

  6. Peter Devenny says:

    Generally OK but always wary when people are drinking bottles of wine in the street en route to festival. Walking past them you worry about trouble. P.S. Never trust yellow Torys. Whether you are leave or remain democracy should be upheld and the lib dems show treachery to democracy. Let’s not forget their leader Sir Vince sold off the Royal Mail for a dime. They have even took on Chukka Ummuna, elected on Corbyn manifesto, and Chukka completely backstabbed him, if there was any justice there would be a by-election and he would be out of Westminster.

  7. Janet Meese says:

    I live on Heywood Road, near Scholes Lane, people were being dropped off outside my house and lads then proceeded to relieve themselves in full view of everyone, this happens every year despute the portable toilets everywhere, including on Scholes Lane.

  8. D.B.Willars says:

    Friday,7th was well policed,plenty of wardens and notices of restrictions and permit regulations plus police attendance at the Friendship to control road traffic. Friday 14th was low key but orderly. Sat 8th and Sun 9th were a disgrace,filthy behaviour,no signs (all removed),no yellow jackets or police presence at Friendship leading to total mayhem as cars parked on both sides of Scoles lane on double lines and doubled parked,whilst others attempted U turns. Heaton Park was donated for free use of Manchester residents,so no more drug fests on S and and Suns please!

  9. Stephan Palmer says:

    Hi, the upper wilton street felt a lot safer this year having the car park fenced off stop it being used as pick up and drop off point, reducing the amount people hanging around the area and reducing the anti-social behaviour.

    We still had issues with some people attending the event attempting to use tge area as rest room, especially on this Saturday (15/6) concert. The community team respond right a way unlike last year and matter was delt with.

    Overall it felt that parklife had listened and put step in place to prevent the issues caused by parklife 2018

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