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Reporting Back: Baguley Crescent

by timpickstone on 25 June, 2019

Councillors Cristina Tegolo and Tim Pickstone recently met with Council Officers and held discussions with the police to look at ways of improving the Baguley Crescent area – on the East side of Holyrood Ward. 

Waste collection and Fly-Tipping
Some of the blocks at Baguley Crescent suffer from problems with waste and fly-tipping. Some communal bins are overflowing and there have been significant examples of fly-tipping. 

We discussed the different ways the Council can help take action to tackle fly-tipping, though they are often hampered because communal areas of the blocks are the responsibility of Management Companies, some of which do not function well or at all. 

The Officer explained that the bins sometimes aren’t easily accessible because of parked cars and that recycling bins are often contaminated, which means that such bins can’t be emptied on the scheduled collection day by the recycling vehicle for fear of contaminating the entire load.

To try to help, in some of the blocks the Council is taking away the recycling bins, and providing some addition ‘regular’ bin capacity. 

Communal areas
As reported above some of the blocks in the area do not have functioning Management Companies, and this can result in communal areas falling into disrepair. Only few garages are secured and used by the residents while a large number of garages are in poor conditions. Overgrown plants block the footpath and vegetation is covering street lighting. Street lighting generally is inadequate and ineffective.

As short term actions, the Councillors have asked if the Council may serve notice under Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to some of the worst garages (particularly if filled with rubbish) owners of the garages. The notice may require certain steps to be undertaken by the owner of the garages to remedy their conditions. 

Councillors will liaise with the Head of Street Scene Maintenance to assess the current street lighting

Councils do have the power to licence landlords, to improve the standards for people who live in private rented accommodation, though this is something that would take time to introduce in Bury it feels like something to persue.

We have asked ‘Clean Team Prestwich’ if they would be willing to work with local people later in the year to undertake a litter pick of the area. 

Many residents in Baguley Crescent complain about levels of crime. The area is covered by the Middleton Police team (under Rochdale Division) and local councillors are in discussion with the Police there to see how we can work together to reduce levels of crime in the area. 

We’re really keen to work with residents in the Heywood Court and Baguley Crescent areas, and look to see if there is interest in a residents group or association being set up. Please get in touch if you are interested in being involved.


15 Responses

  1. Margaret Wilson says:

    Would it be possible for absentee landlords in blocks that do not have management companies to be asked to do something about their gardens. They are responsible according to the lease. And this would make the road look less scruffy and not an invitation to fly tip. Perhaps a note in their council tax bills would help. Thanks
    Margaret Wilson – Baguley Crescent

  2. Sharon says:

    I am delighted that finally a Counsillor has shown a true interest in our area. Well done and thank you Cristina. As a member of this community I am willing to be involved and participate in a residents group and hope that Bury Council will continue to commit to improving our area. However I strongly believe we will not achieve anything unless Landlords take their portion of responsibility. Its time for Bury Council to commit to introducing selective licensing for landlords as we are surrounded by councils who already have this in place (Manchester, Oldham, Burnley, Salford and Blackburn/Darwen)

  3. Kevin McGiLL says:

    One of the more serious effects of the fly tipping is the Rats. We have hundreds of them. My daughters cat Ollie, who is becoming a local hero has literally killed over one hundred Rats in the past few years. They are everywhere.

  4. Martin says:

    It’s good to see this – many residents feel as if we are lost in space, being an outlier of Bury, stuck between three different councils.

  5. David Barlow says:

    Nothing will ever change with the fly-tipping situation while the Council are charging exorbitant price’s for removal. I was charged £36 to remove settee and chair last week, that’s a hell of a lot of food budget for people living on benefits in the flats.
    Solution – All tenants on Council tax band A should have rubbish removed free of charge. More affluent neighbours in band B and C make a contribution.
    Would soon see an improvement in the area.

    • Kevin McGiLL says:

      More affluent neighbours??? in band B and C should subsidise those people who fly tip.
      I drive an artic lorry and my wife works in a supermarket. We pay our council tax, income tax, every tax and don’t take a penny off anybody. If I had a sofa that needed removing I would chop it into bits and take it to the council tip. On ‘Shankies Pony’ if necessary.

      Let’s not sugar coat it. Some of the tenants on Baguley Crescent need to be responsible for their own actions.

  6. M.H. says:

    Baguley Crescent could be a lovely place to live, close to the city centre, the motorway and Heaton Park. It could be a great development opportunity for the council and deserves to be regenerated rather than neglected. We hope for some investment in the area, and for the local landlords to be licensed and supervised in the interest of all residents.

  7. Kevin McGiLL says:

    I have started a residents group on the ‘Nextdoor’ website. It’s called “Baugley Crescent, Bottom of Heywood Old Road and Middleton Road Residents Group”.
    Our message is to make the small area we live in a Safer, cleaner and better place to live for all residents and visitors.

  8. Stephen. says:

    I have lived here for quite a few years and seen Baguley Crescent decline from what it was when i first moved here.
    The people that let the flats in my opinion are not intrested in the appearance of the area but only from the revenue they can generate. Alot of the renters also are here one day gone the next. Just saying .Some have no intrest in the up keep of the area at all where others do. Also the prices of the flats has declined over the years.Very glad that “positive” action is being implemented ..Thank you to the councilors concerned

  9. Ven says:

    My concerns are dogs, that are running free without control in the public area of Baguley Crescent. These dogs are a threat to all residents and visitors, their children and cats. I have seen their owners, who refuse to put them on a lead, call them with no response.

    Dogs are unpredictable and can do a lot of damage to the surrounding and people if they are not well trained! It is an offence punishable by law – maybe there is a way of enforcing this?

    Additional to this, I have also seen a lot of drinking in public and setting barrels on fire on the pavement. Only by working as a community we can address this kind of antisocial behaviour.

  10. Faye says:

    Could we please have CCTV added to the crescent?
    There seems to be a fair amount of drug dealing, car races and some car sales going on. During the Parklife when the street required a residential parking permit half of the cars disappeared! There is this guy with a man purse showing potential buyers the black Mercedes Benz in the evenings.

  11. Janice Owen says:

    I would be more than willing to partake in a litter pick.On occasions when I’ve walked to Heaton park the amount of litter strewn around the motorway area, particularly near Swarbricks bridal shop /Heaton view nursery is a disgrace.

  12. Kevin McGiLL says:

    This is only my opinion and view. And not any other residents of the area. But they well may agree with me?

    I would like to see 6 of the worst blocks on Baguley Crescent compulsory purchase order CPO by Bury Council either for demolition and replaced with sheltered housing for OAPS or taken into council ownership, refurbished for the over 50s to live in.

    Also I would like to see space set aside for a small, part time office so that local residents could access Bury Council information and amenities, due to the fact getting to Bury from the Baguely Crescent area is very difficult for geographical reasons. Will this happen? I don’t know. But just cleaning up the area whilst most welcome and positive will not solve the underlying problem of the transient population of Baguley Crescent.

  13. DAVID says:

    There is no enforceable service charge which could pay for repair and maintenance .Hence flats and garages fall into disrepair.

    The freeholder should be contacted to enforce repairing obligations and could start lease forfeiture proceedings.

    If a management company is set up (or similar ) residents can decide what actions should be taken.

    I think there are more responsible people in the close than yobs and a management company should get off the ground .

    some blocks already have a voluntary service charge which does make a difference —spot the best kept garden !

    • DAVID says:


      There are people who stay home all day and smoke weed.

      I thought cannabis was illegal .

      The Police patrol but take no action even though the stench is overwhelming .


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