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Contactless Card travel on Metrolink from 15th July

by timpickstone on 9 July, 2019

Metrolink passengers will be able to use a new contactless payment system from Monday 15 July.

Metrolink customers can already use their contactless bank card to buy a ticket at a ticket machine, and this will remain an option.

The new system will mean customers can simply touch-in at the start of a journey and touch-out at the end using a contactless bank card or another contactless-enabled payment device, such as a phone or watch. The system will then automatically work out the total daily fare for a customer’s journeys and the price will be capped – to ensure they are paying no more than the relevant adult daily 1-day travelcard price. 

A similar system, which unlike in Greater Manchester also works on all buses, was introduced in London five years ago.

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