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Changes to Household Waste Recycling Centres

by timpickstone on 7 January, 2020

Important changes are coming into effect at all Household Waste Recycling Centres (tips) in Greater Manchester from February.

In summary:

• Trade waste is not permitted at any of the sites, they are for household waste only for residents living in any of the nine boroughs of Greater Manchester (excluding Wigan).

• From February 2020, visitors to the HWRCs will be monitored by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) across all 20 sites – cars will be restricted to 52 visits a year.

Key messages for Traders

  • HWRCs are for the use of Greater Manchester residents only (excluding Wigan)
  • As a trader you have a responsibility to dispose of your waste either by taking it to a licenced trade waste facility with a weighbridge where you will be charged, or by setting up a commercial waste collection service which is chargeable or by paying for a skip.
  • This applies to all traders and businesses no matter how small. 
  • If you carry out commercial work for a householder, you must remove the waste you produce and include the charge for waste disposal in the job and pay for disposal at a suitable permitted facility, not via the HWRCs.

Key Messages for Residents 

  • HWRCs are free to use for Greater Manchester residents, delivering domestic waste, only (excluding Wigan)
  • For the majority of householders who visit in a standard car, you will have 52 visits per year.  
  • Separate your waste before you visit to make it easier to recycle. This helps to keep costs down and operate the site more efficiently maintaining the service for all residents.
  • You can recycle approximately 40 different types of waste items at the HWRCs including electrical items, batteries, wood, lightbulbs, clothes, cardboard etc.
  • If you are recycling rubble, you will only be allowed to bring 5 bags (900mm x 600mm) per visit.

Information leaflet for Residents

Information leaflet for Traders

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  1. Peter Fallon says:

    This will do nothing to discourage fly tipping !! Whilst 52 tip visits a year may appear to be fair what about those of us with big gardens who struggle in spring, summer and especially autumn to dispose of garden waste on the current fortnightly emptying of the brown bins. I seriously wonder what our council tax is spent on when I see rulings like this being made !!

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