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Holyrood Ward Community Grants 2019-20

by timpickstone on 22 January, 2020

Just to let residents know the outcome of the Holyrood Ward Community Grants programme for 2019-20.

All Councillors in Bury are given a small budget to help with community projects in their area. Here in Holyrood Ward, we pooled all our budgets together to create a ‘Holyrood Ward Community Fund’ and asked you to apply last autumn.

Thank you to everyone who applied. Sadly we couldn’t help everyone who applied. We will (hopefully) get another allocation from May this year, and we will let you know about the allocation process for that.

The 2019-20 grants are:

Clean Team Prestwich (new litter bins) £400. 
Meet and Chat (for vulnerable people) £200.
Prestwich Plodders (womens running group) £200. 
Action for Baguley Crescent £300. 
Simister Allotments Association £200.
Run Together Whitefield £200.
Prestwich 8th Scouts £200.
Prestwich Libs Bowling £200.
Langley Allotments Assocation£300. 
Jigsaw Bury £150. 
Lady Wilton Hall Simister £334. 
Bailey Street Bowling Club £216.
Prestwich Arts Festival £100.

Please don’t forget that the deadline for grants from the Parklike Grants scheme is 27 January 2020. Details here.

Next door in the St Mary’s Ward area of Prestwich, our Lib Dem colleague Councillor Michael Powell ran the same scheme and he was able to support the following projects:

Prestwich Sing & Social £350
Heathlands Village £300
Clean Team Prestwich £250
Prestwich Methodist Church £250 
Prestwich Football Club £200 
Cherry Trees Playgroup £200 
Bury Schools Linking Project £200 
Friends of St Mary’s Park £130 
Prestwich Arts Festival £125 
Prestwich Carnival £125 
Friends of Prestwich Forest Park £70.

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