Update on Brown Bins

by timpickstone on 7 April, 2020

Over the next fortnight the Council IS going to try to empty brown bins, subject to having enough staff available.

Thank you for everyone who has raised this concern with us. Starting yesterday the Council will try to do as many brown bin rounds as possible over the next two weeks, but it may be that this doesn’t keep up with the normal ‘schedule’. This may meant that the bins are not emptied on your normal day.

The Council has an email alert system for bins and will email people the night before if they can empty them. To sign up for email alerts use the website https://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=10493

Please note that once the Council has emptied a resident’s brown bin this will be their last collection until further notice and they will be advised to place food waste into their grey bin. If there is more information we will try to share this on our website, Facebook pages or Twitter.

Here’s the full story from the Council.

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