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Primary School Places announced

by timpickstone on 16 April, 2020

Parents will find out today ( (hursday 16 April) what primary school their young children will be joining in the autumn.

National Offer Day is when school places for reception classes starting in September are confirmed.

All parents who applied for a place online will receive an email confirming their offer of a place on Thursday. Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, it will not be possible to post offer letters to those who did not apply online. 

Parents who do not receive an email should contact the school admissions team by email at or call 0161 253 6474 to find out which school they have been offered. 

Around 90% of Bury residents will receive an offer at their first choice primary school, while 97% of Bury residents will receive an offer of a place at one of their three preferred schools. All Bury residents have been offered a place.

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