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Salford and Radcliffe ‘Tips’ Reopen 2 May 2020, but with significant restrictions

by timpickstone on 1 May, 2020

Some Recycling Centres will reopen on Saturday 2nd May following social distancing guidelines. 

Across Greater Manchester some recycling centres will re-open on Saturday 2 May 2020. This includes the Lumns Lane in Salford and Cemetary Road in Radcliffe.

However, significant restrictions remain in place:

You will ONLY be able to take bagged general waste (rubbish that you would normally put in the grey bin). No other items or types of rubbish are accepted.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (which Bury is a part of) say:
“Please only visit if you really need to. Please store your waste safely if you can or wait for your next bin collection day.

Queuing outside of the Recycling Centres will be restricted. You may be asked to leave and return at a later time. Do not visit if you are in self-isolation or have COVID-19 symptoms.”

You can only attend on certain days, depending on your car registration plate.

An odd and even number plate system will be in place, which means you can only visit on certain days – in addition it is cars and small vans only – no transit type vans or vehicles with trailers. (IE if the LAST number on your reg plate is an odd number, then you can go on an odd numbered date (e.g. 3rd May), even numbers on even numbered date (e.g. 4th May).

AND, take a proof of address (print or online) such as your most recent council tax bill or utility bill – gas, electric or landline telephone relating to the property where the waste is from.  Mobile phone bills and driver’s licence are not accepted.

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