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Bury New Road Cycle Lane

by timpickstone on 23 July, 2020

Bury Council are to introduce temporary cycle lanes on Bury New Road between St Mary’s Park and Singleton Road in Salford (Salford Council). Sadly, there has been no consultation with residents on these proposals.

These will be 1.8m width in each direction. The lanes are part of a national initiative to provide alternatives to car use and public transport in the light of Covid-19. If they are deemed a success they could be made permanent. 

In addition to the cycle lanes, there will be additional traffic light crossings at St Mary’s Road and Sedgley Park Road, no parking on the entire route, and there will be one lane removed at junctions (e.g. Scholes Lane and Butterstile Lane). 

The Council is not doing any public consultation on this temporary scheme. We very much support more safe cycling and walking, but it is so important that big new schemes meet with public approval and work for everyone.

Let us know your thoughts with this short questionnaire, or any further that you have.

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