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GMSF – Final consultation this Autumn

by timpickstone on 29 July, 2020

The schedule for the publication of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) proposals has been announced.

The plans will be put before all ten Greater Manchester councils in October 2020 (the meeting date in Bury is 21 October 2020). If it is agreed by everyone then the final public consultation will be for eight weeks starting in November 2020.

We do not yet know what the final proposals will say. The previous draft saw:
– space for 202,000 new homes across Greater Manchester
– massive developments to the east side of Prestwich and around Elton Reservoir
– Prestwich fared very badly – losing around 40% of its green belt land (across Greater Manchester the average loss was 4% of green belt).

As soon as we have the proposals we will let residents know.

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