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Road Resurfacing Plans

by timpickstone on 29 July, 2020

Bury Council has announced the next phase of roads that will be resurfaced. This includes a number of roads in the Prestwich area. Thank you to residents who have raised many of these roads with us.

Roads to be resurfaced in the next phase in the Prestwich area are:

Heywood Road (Hampden Road to Park View Road)
Sandgate Road (Mount Road to M60)
Glebelands Road (Heywood Road to Langley Road)
Hillcrest Road (Full length)
Harlech Avenue (Full length)
Park Road (Sheepfoot Lane to Castle Hill Road)
Hastings Road (Orange Hill Road to Bailey Street)
Ravens Way (Bury Old Road to 50m)
Sandy Meade (Butterstile Road t0 50m)

Please let us know if you have any comments on these specific schemes that we can feed into the Highways team at the Council. As always please let us know if there are further roads that need to be considered.


2 Responses

  1. brian plant says:

    on 24 April 2019 I reported to the council that from Nursery Road to 2 Pine Grove resembled a farm track of the 1800’s. It was put on the list to be attended to. Would you like to look into this? Brian Plant

  2. dave latham says:

    what about holyrood and heys road pot holes all over the place and vehicles parking on double yellows and pavements?

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