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90 Bus (Prestwich to Simister) Closes

by timpickstone on 29 October, 2020

Transport for Greater Manchester have made some pretty devastating changes to the subsidised bus network in our local area.

The 90 bus, which has been every 40 minutes from Simister to Prestwich Tesco has (under various numbers) been around for many, many years. Not only did it provide a good service for Simister, but also a handy route for people who lives right along Heywood Road and Whittaker Lane areas up towards the village.

Other buses have been re-routed to provide some sort of service. The hourly 96 Simister to Manchester service is now re-routed via the village to provide a direct link from Simister to the village, but as a result a large stretch of Heywood Road now has no bus service at all. Last time the 96 was re-routed in this was it was abandoned because of poor timekeeping up Bury New Road and Fairfax Road.

This is the new 96 timetable.

The 94 bus is also being re-routed to take it down St Margaret’ Road on its ’round the houses’ journey from Pilsworth to North Manchester General.

This is the new 94 timetable.

People who have relied on the 90 bus are, understandably, upset about its withdrawal. There was no public or bus user consultation about this and, as your local councillors we were not even notified until it was too late. (Normally we are notified before a decision is made so that we can get input from local residents.)

This is being taken up urgently with T4GM.

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  1. Paul Counsel says:

    What does this mean for Parrenthorn school children who live along the stretch of Heywood Road that has lost the bus service?

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