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Parklife Residents’ Feedback

by timpickstone on 17 September, 2021

Last weekend saw the 2021 Parklife Festival weekend in Heaton Park, together with a New Order concert on the Friday night.

As your local Councillors, we’re keen to get residents views and experiences about the weekend, so that we can best represent you when we meet with the organisers and park management next month.

Please use this short online form to let us know your views

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  1. Stephan Palmer says:


    My family went away this year, part of reason for this was lack of information from the event organizer around what they going to around securing surrounding area, especially near metro station. It was only when one our neighbors complained on Saturday that any fencing was put in place around upper Wilton street car park despite the present of festival goes using this a cut through before and after Friday concert

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