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Shortage of Food Waste Bags

by timpickstone on 17 September, 2021

Thank you to the many residents who have raised the issue of absence of food waste bags, when these have been requested in many areas recently.

The Council has now issued the following guidance:

“Due to shortages in the national supply chain we are currently unable to maintain our usual stock levels of compostable liners for food waste recycling. This may result in our supplies temporarily running out and a delay in us being able to provide you with replacement liners.

What to do if you need a new roll of compostable liners
Put your yellow tag on your bin as usual. If we don’t leave you a replacement roll on collection day, please leave the yellow tag on your bin. We will provide you with liners as soon as we can. 

What to do if you run out of compostable liners
If you run out of compostable liners, please continue to recycle your food waste but place it loose inside your brown bin.  
Please do not use newspaper or plastic bags because:  
– newspaper is not a suitable alternative, it inhibits the composting process;  
– recycling is spoiled and rejected at the recycling centre if it is placed inside a plastic bag. 
– only compostable liners with the seedling logo and reference code EN13432t are suitable. “

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