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Shaking up British Democracy

by timpickstone on 20 May, 2010

Today Nick Clegg MP has given his first speech as Deputy Prime Minister – you can read the full speech here on the important subject of political reform. Nick has announced today is the biggest shake up of British democracy since the Great Reform Act of 1832. It is a fundamental resettlement of the relationship […]

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Statement from Nick Clegg MP

by timpickstone on 12 May, 2010

“Tonight the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party and the Federal Executive of the Liberal Democrat party have overwhelmingly accepted my recommendation that we should now enter into a coalition government with the Conservative Party. “Before I say anything more about that coalition government I would like to express my thanks and admiration for Gordon Brown. He […]

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Agree with Nick Last night?

by timpickstone on 23 April, 2010

I believe in Fairness

by timpickstone on 19 April, 2010

I agree with Nick – did you?

by timpickstone on 16 April, 2010

Last night saw Nick Clegg go head-to-head with the Labour and Conservative leaders in a home affairs debate on ITV1. Last night was the first of the three televised Leaders’ debates. Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, debated with Gordon Brown and David Cameron about domestic affairs. Subjects discussed included immigration, healthcare and education. […]

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Liberal Democrat Manifesto Launched

by timpickstone on 14 April, 2010

£13 Billion Tory VAT Bombshell

by timpickstone on 11 April, 2010

Analysis of the Conservatives’ proposed tax cuts or reversals shows that they will cost over £13.5bn a year in 2011-12 prices – yet just £100m has been specifically identified to fund them. This leaves a £13.4bn black hole, equivalent to a 3% rise in the standard rate of VAT. This would mean an extra tax […]

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See Vince last night?

by timpickstone on 30 March, 2010

Anyone see the Chancellors debate on Channel 4 last night? The general sense seems to be: – The audience: 6 rounds of applause for Cable, 3 for Darling and 1 for Osborne – The journalists: Audience pretty much unanimous cable won Here’s Vince’s closing remarks:

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Vince on the Budget

by timpickstone on 25 March, 2010

Statement from Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable MP: Today, Britain needed a Budget that gave us honesty in spending and fairness in tax. Alistair Darling has given us neither. Labour is in denial, while the Conservatives are talking tough to cover up the fact that they only offer more of the same. You can […]

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We have a campaign song…..

by timpickstone on 19 March, 2010

The Liberal Democrats have a campaign song – all about the slogan that sums up what we are about this election – “Change that works for you”. This was the background to Nick Clegg’s keynote speech to Lib Dem Party Conference last weekend. The full version can be downloaded from ITunes here!

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